Textile Exchange's 2018 Textile Sustainability Conference

The conference benefits professionals working in corporate social responsibility and sustainability, sourcing and supply chains, product and business development, design, education, and advocacy. Attendees will:


In a meaningful way with others working to advance sustainability within the textile industry, and share your own stories.


The future of the industry by joining a powerful community of professionals at the cutting edge of textile sustainability.


Valuable knowledge on how to align existing initiatives with the Sustainable Development Goals.

2018 Textile Sustainability Conference

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Sustainability has always been an irrevocable must for MiCo. Over the years MiCo has diligently and effectively pursued the objective of sustainability by utilizing the most modern means progressively made available by technology and by adopting the most suitable solutions in real time. Many measures taken for the purpose are operative, with a like number in the process of being implemented, all of which informed by a philosophy and total commitment that MiCo has made with itself first of all, involving not just energy saving, but sustainability in all its various forms.


Starts:  08:00:00 AM
Ends  06:00:00 PM

Ci vediamo a Milano! | See you in Milano!

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